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NOTE: Not all Distance Learning courses are eligible for a RUSH grade. A RUSH grade is not guaranteed and will be determined by the SPU's Course Instructor/Grader's availibility. SPU policies ask that you allow up to six weeks from the time you submit your coursework for grading before the grade may appear on your trasncript.

If you need to request a RUSH Grade:
Email the following information to: DLinfo@spu.edu

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    You will be contacted if your request for a RUSH grade was approved and further instructions for payment and submission.

Master's Degree
Our seventeen courses are listed below by subject. All courses carry five quarter graduate-level credits. The regular individual course price is $425.
Before you register: You will need to know the course number which can be found here.
Classroom Management and Discipline
Teaching Students Responsible Behavior II
  Learn how to teach your students social-emotional skills and improve behavior.
The Classroom of Choice
  Learn how to manage an orderly, positive, and productive classroom.
Teaching Students Responsible Behavior
  Learn to implement a proven approach to improving student behavior.
Dealing with Discipline Problems
  Learn to help troubled students plan for improved behavior.
Differentiated Instruction
Differentiation and Literacy
  Learn how differentiation can best be used to teach reading and writing.
An Introduction to Differentiation
  Learn the basics of differentiation from author and expert Dr. Carol Ann Tomlinson.
Differentiated Assessment Strategies
  Learn how to accurately assess your students' progress and plan for success.
Differentiated Instructional Strategies
  Learn how to recognize and accommodate various learning styles.
Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom
Teaching Strategies
Every Student Can Succeed
  Learn how to create and implement engaging lessons and activities.
Improving Student Achievement
  Learn how to increase your studentsí comprehension and retention levels.
Teaching in the Quality Classroom
  Learn how to teach your students to do their best work.
Cooperation and the Quality Classroom
  Learn to use cooperative learning strategies to encourage quality work.
Responsibility and Relationships
Responsibility, Respect and Relationships
  Learn how to create an emotional safety net to support troubled students.
Teaching in the 21st Century
  Learn how to teach to varying learning styles and strengths.
Parental Support
Strategies for Building Home-School Partnerships
  Learn how to better prepare for and conduct parent conferences.
Professional Portfolios
Creating a Professional Portfolio
  Learn how to create a portfolio that showcases your knowledge and skills.
Price: $425 per course